I am fully aware that it looks like I’m not wearing pants and I am fully okay with that because it was my goal. It’s a LOOK, the no-pants-look. Even if it makes people do a concerned double-take. Even if your mom thinks you’re still in your pajamas cause she only sees your oversized tshirt. This is fashion, y’all, let me live.

I also have a special love for this tee because it’s an Allsaints tee – secondhand, of course. Anything I own from Allsaints now, and probably in the future, will be secondhand because girl…. that’s expensive. But let me tell you, they are so soft, flattering, and high quality. They also tend to run sort of long so you can….. ya know. Pants optional. But shoutout to Blackmilk Clothing too, because their bummers make this look possible. The shorts are a secret, but a necessary one because I’m not trying to accessorize with paranoia. I’m sure this post has been thoroughly weird and confusing, I’m rambling about nonsense more than ever. You’re welcome.


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