Polished Punk

As much as I’d love to bask in summer weather a little more, it’s definitely feeling cool here in Chicago already. It’s jackets-and-pants time and I gotta accept it. I shouldn’t complain too much because my newer pieces are definitely fall clothes, but I know it’s a quick slope into cold. 

School has started but it’s still the calm before the storm, and I’m trying to set goals and good habits. Obviously getting my work done is a priority, along with having enough fun that I don’t shrivel up and die during the semester… but I’m trying to go beyond the basics. So far I’ve successfully implemented daily yoga into my routine (as opposed to a few times a week) and it feels awesome. Hopefully I’ll be doing headstands and splits and all kinds of circus tricks in no time. Now that could make for some interesting ootd poses, watch out y’all.


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