Summer Romance

I will never ever get tired of rose-tones and floral prints. I swear. I will admit that it wasn’t exactly the right weather to be wearing black and velvet, but when it’s this hot out…. it’s not really the right weather for anything, to be fair. I put this outfit together a few days after a disappointing hair appointment. I got a balayage and it just came out looking bad (in my opinion). My backup plan was to dye my hair pink; pink makes everything better.

That result will be a few posts later, but I did “fix” it. Now I’m also juggling the rest of my last-minute to-do’s since I will be returning to Chicago in a week. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that I struggle to find spaces to take outfit photos in Chicago. Obviously there are plenty of background opportunities, but it’s also about convenience (I still gotta do my student thing, y’all), accessibility, and not putting my camera somewhere that someone could steal it as they walk by. That’s the struggle of taking all my own photos I guess. So we shall see!


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