Sometimes when you go 10 days without wearing makeup, bothering with your hair, and re-wearing dirty clothes (yes, I’ll admit to that)… you gotta go a little over-the-top one day to feel fab again. This dress just hangs in my closet waiting for its chance and I figured… it’s really not a “fancy” piece, plus I bought it from the store I work at. So it’s a perfectly acceptable work outfit. Practical? Maybe not completely, but I’d say a good half of my work outfits are kinda impractical in one way or another.

Another discouraging fact of my life is the fact that I never learned how to French braid and can’t do fancy hairstyles like this on myself. I got it done at an event where a local salon was there to advertise their services. This is the second time this summer I’ve gotten a ~fancy braided ‘do~ done by someone else and the second time I’ve left it in for like……. three days. Yep. That’s right. Gotta make it last, and gotta take advantage of having a cute hairstyle that doesn’t budge or get in my way. You may be thinking… why don’t I just learn how to French braid now? I tried, I got frustrated, and never tried again. Perhaps my motivation will roll back around one day.



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  1. That dress is beautiful! I love that pattern.

    xo Logan


  2. Gorgeous dress and location!


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