I shot this look before I left on my trip with the intention to edit and post while I was gone and….. as you can tell, that didn’t happen. I had a bit of an internet/technology cleanse and it was pretty amazing. I don’t consider myself obsessed with my phone/computer, but it’s easy to resort to those things when I’m bored. It was refreshing to have a week full and busy enough to not need petty distractions. The days were full and long, so a week felt like two or three. It’s definitely an eye opener and a reminder that I can spice up my summer free time, even when nothing important is going on.

This outfit isn’t my normal style by any means, but I tend to dress differently for work. I walked in and they asked if they were “converting me” to a more boho style. Little do they know I’m just shapeshifting between work style and my norm. As someone who’s always liked to play dressup, I kind of love the excuse to change it up. I may not feel like my “true self”, but it’s sort of like a costume. Just because I have my own style identity doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other styles – it’s part of my job, after all. This look wasn’t too far left field though because ummm….. blush and burgundy? Head-to-toe in my favorite hues? Yes m’am.



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  1. love those trousers!
    xx Eliane


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