Black and White

I’m a monochrome kinda gal, and all the way down to the nails right now. “Oh this pink dress would look cute on y-” NAHHHHHH. BLACK N WHITE. Buying colorful things is a waste of my time cause there’s little chance that they’re going to find their way into my heart. This outfit, on the other hand, is one of my favorite summer ‘fits. A little crop top and super-swingy fringe? Seriously, this skirt is way too fun to walk around in, fringe flopping all over the place. It’s not exactly suede season, but sometimes you gotta pay a price.

Speaking of being out of season, I just made an exciting order from BlackMilk Clothing which is great buuuut….. it’s winter in Australia, where the company is based. Three out of four items I bought are either vegan leather or velvet. It’s almost July aka the pit of summer here in the U.S., so something tells me I’m not going to have the chance to properly wear them for quite a while. I’m not really a summer clothes kinda girl, so I’ve just gotta keep struggling for a couple more months.


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