It’s hot as hell out here, y’all. Hot enough that I don’t wanna bother wearing cute outfits because I’ll just sweat through em and have to change. It’s actually cooler than the last couple of days were, but it still feels pretty scorching out there. I know this is most people’s favorite time of year, but I can’t take the heat. I’m more of a spring gal.

This outfit is actually incredibly similar, if not almost identical, to one I posted last summer. I still wanted to share since most probably haven’t seen it anyways, but I tried to take the photos differently to change up the vibe. Though this is mainly a style blog and I do not consider these photos my art, I do take aesthetic into consideration of course. They may not be as tight and artistic as my photography work, but they aren’t just documentation either. If that were the case, do you think I’d be standing out in the sun like this, or sitting on the ground? Nah….


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