Summer Velvet

It’s not even that hot out today but I am roasting. Well, maybe it’s cause you’re wearing all black. That’s what my mom said but honestly… is that something I’m going to change? No. Could I maybe ditch the velvet for something else? Yeah. Honestly I felt a little silly wearing boots with this outfit but I had to weigh it against the choice of exposing my non-pedicured toes. I was not feelin it. Summer is chill but summer is HARD.

I will say that I’ve been a good week for adventuring and photography. Strawberry picking, forests and waterfalls, a huge rose garden, two side-by-side webs spun by the same spider. Lots of summer sun, breaking a sweat, snapping photos, and shooting video. I’ve even been shooting some black and white film even though I have no idea when I’ll be able to get it developed. I almost like the idea of shooting lots of film alllll summer, and waiting until the end of the summer to develop and see it all. But I also feel like I’ll be too overwhelmed by the volume of images and the time it takes to make prints or high quality scans. The idea is romantic, but impractical. I am such a Capricorn.


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