(DIY choker//thrifted Lucky Brand top//old LOFT skirt)

Having colorful hair only gives me an excuse to dress in all black and white, as if I hadn’t been doing that before… but I can’t help it! My new excuse is that I don’t want to clash. My old excuse is that I’m just a spooky bitch forever. My style really backfires, though, in the summer. All black, snug fits, faux leather, boots… I’m already roasting and it’s barely just June. I don’t expect anyone to pity me because I’ve done it to myself but ~can’t stop won’t stop~.

I hope no one’s here to find shoppable outfits and big brands. I know that since I entered the fashion blogging world (technically at like 14, but as more of an observer initially), the whole point of a fashion blog was to style the latest trends and make sure everything you were wearing was fresh and new so other people could buy them too. But I’m more committed to resisting fast fashion and the capitalism monster in general than to being popular. I think it’s possible to love fashion and look chic even if everything in your closet is old, thrifted, or handmade. It may not give other people something to grab-and-go, but doesn’t that just make it more unique? Rather than inspiring someone to buy my exact outfit, I’d rather inspire someone to recycle clothes, give thrifting a shot, or check out an artist who hand-makes beautiful garments. At the end of the day, this blogging thing is mainly for me and this is how it’s gonna be!



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  1. I love your stance on fashion. Your style is so unique and offers great outfit inspiration! It’s not always about the latest trends, but rather about personal preference and what we feel happy in! xx


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