(Camo cargo jacket from THREAD//Lady and the Sailor dress//Stella & Dot jewelry)

There’s a bit of irony in the contrast between my camo and my freshly dyed hair. Part of me is blending in and part of me could not be standing out any more. I tried for a slightly different hue than usual – “blood orange” instead of “pink flamingo”. Of course somehow it still looks pink, and almost the same as always. I’d like to think this is a warmer shade than before, but I can’t seem to escape the pink.

I’ve had my eye on this jacket since March and I finally decided to drop the ball and snatch one up. I definitely feel like it was a good choice because I wore it every day for almost a week following. It’s so much looser and more comfortable than a leather jacket, with big pockets. Still retains a sort of edginess without the restriction. It certainly doesn’t mean I’m ditching my (faux) leather any time soon, but it’s a nice summer alternative.


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