(Nishiibo earrings//Anthropologie pants)

Petalhead. I know I completely made up that word but I feel like it’s hella appropriate for me. My inner pun-master is just way too pleased. Rosy-pink hair, metalhead. And, as always, I’m matching everything to my hair. I’m thinking of coloring it more of a peachy color the next time around, but we’ll see. I don’t wanna throw a wrench in my monochrome system.

See that needy dog in my picture? He insists on following me absolutely everywhere and staying as close as possible. He doesn’t normally like having his picture taken unless he’s in the way. No portraits, just a dog-butt in the foreground of a photoshoot he’s not meant to be involved in, that’s usually how it goes. However, I’d like to try to incorporate him in a cute way with my fashion stuff. Like let him be in the photos, and make him cute bandanas to match what I’m wearing. Clearly it’s kind of a joke and I’m not genuinely trying to get y’all to take dog fashion seriously, but I think it’d be fun. Mother-doggo fashion blogging.


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