(Nishiibo earrings//Bohindi necklace//Maison Scotch pants)

Tried going for some pinky springy vibes today…. big mistake. I was feeling cute for the first half of the day and all was well. The weather was relatively warm, I was comfortable enough for class, no problem. I knew it was going to rain later, but it would only affect my walk back from class and I came prepared. However, I did not come prepared for my professor to take us on a little trip outside in the rain. Everyone else thought it was pretty funny, but with my soaking wet pants clinging to my legs and waterlogged shoes…. I was not amused. I was just relieved we got released early, because I don’t know if I would have survived another two hours of sitting in class in wet clothes without crying.

Anyway, I’m now more than half of the way through finals week and that hasn’t really sunk in for me yet. It’s the home stretch and I’m almost out of here. I’ve got exciting plans for this summer, as well as goals I hope to hold myself to. Even though I am an artist at the core, I find it difficult to find the motivation to do personal projects during my time off from school. Who’s gonna hold me responsible? Help me out, y’all!


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