Venetian Red

(a bunch of old clothes + Doc Martens // Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip in Notion)

Sometimes when I can’t come up with a good name for a blog post, I just pick out one of the lipstick/eyeshadow names I’m wearing and run with it. I mean, it does sound kinda fancy and thoughtful if you didn’t know otherwise. Though that leaves me pretty limited these days since I’m obsessed with being the ~pink queen~ every single day. I tend to shy away from color in general, but if I can pick just one, I’ll run with it 300%.

I’ve been dressing up this week for final critiques and presentations because I always feel more confident when I look nice. (and I also low key… not-so-low key like to match with my art. “hey have you noticed you match with your series/piece?” oh really? didn’t notice, what a coincidence) I recently finished up a project I’m very excited about along with a video of its process, so my next blog post will be all about that! So stay tuned if you’re interested~



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  1. Your makeup is soooo amazing, I wish I could rock an eye-makeup like yours but red tints on blue eyes don’t work ahah when I do it it looks like I have pink eye. Also love the look ❤


    • Thank you! I honestly thought I looked sickly/like something was wrong with my eyes the first time I wore pink eye shadow so it’s more about getting used to the look, as well as making sure the rest of your overall look goes with it! You can rock anything you want to ❤ Thanks for the sweet comment!

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