Twist Tie

(Nishiibo earrings//Bohindi necklace//thrifted skirt)

The awesome thrift store finds just won’t quit! I went back to look for some pots for my plant babies (and totally succeeded – found super cute containers) and scored a couple of long, summer-y skirts too! While this one is a little harder to wear, it’s the more special out of the two. The wrap design is confusing and it was definitely designed for someone a few sizes bigger than me, but the one and only tag in it says that this is a handmade piece! I probably spent $2, but at some point, someone custom dyed and sewed this themselves. I’m a big advocate for changing out attitudes toward what garments have become, and seeing fashion as art. And this is absolutely a prime example; I will treasure it.

I’m gonna be honest here, I’m not really dressing like this right now. We’re at the 2-week countdown to the end of the semester so it’s a lot of studio clothes and sweatpants. As stressful as it is, thinks are falling into place and I’m set to finish my finals with (some) grace. A little fun fact: I’ve been told quite often that I (as in my clothes/overall aesthetic) match my art. And I do like to dress nicely for critiques, so you’d better believe I’m gonna show up matching with my art. NO SHAME!


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  1. I love that skirt! And you look lovely.


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