Burning Rubber

(True Partners in Craft earrings // clothes old/secondhand // Dr Martens)

One week later, and another too-much-faux-leather outfit with a pair of artist-made earrings. This time, a pair of feathers made out of recycled bike tubes. I found these amazing babies at an event I went to last weekend called “Vegan Woman Made Chicago” aka my dream. It was sort of a pop up market for women-owned businesses to sell food, beauty products, clothing, and jewelry. I definitely treated myself left and right with vegan goodness, and these earrings were one of the things that actually made it home in my bag and not my stomach. I love them because they have a leather-look but are both vegan and recycled – good for the animals, the earth, and ~fashion~.

It’s getting to that time in the semester when all of my finals are looming, and in art school it’s an entirely different beast than just papers and tests (plus we also have papers and tests). I’m super excited about my projects but there’s a lot that needs to get done in a slim amount of time. I’m working on an exciting cross between photography and fibers, and may also film a video on the process so maybe ~stay tuned~ for that.


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