Bad to the Bone

(everything old or secondhand // earrings made by a local artist // Doc Marten boots)

That moment when you realize I’m not calling myself a badass, this title is actually a…. pun. My earrings are actually made from mouse bones, and of course no mice were harmed in the making. I go to school with an artist who uses found insects and mouse bones to make jewelry and spookiness aside – just tryin to support my local artists, ya know? And I just so happen to really dig them.

One of my biggest dilemmas in the past was putting together an outfit that looked good with a leather jacket, but also looked good with my leather pants…. but damn I can’t wear BOTH at the same time, especially with my Docs in the mix. But I finally said screw it, I do what I want. And I shockingly got compliments more so than I normally do on my outfits! One person even told me that they liked the “rockstar” look and when I asked “don’t I normally look like this?” he said yeah, but more specifically commented that I look like I hang out with Russell Brand. And I took it as a compliment, it’s still one of the funniest comments I’ve ever gotten about my look – I’ll take it! I’m obsessed with huge drapey t-shirts, stuff with holes in it, faux leather, metal everywhere… and I have NO SHAME!


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  1. Yessss girl! You go for it! You can totally rock this look. This totally encourages me to just go for it, just because you like it! Loved this blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent one too!


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