(gifted amethyst necklace//Bohindi lotus necklace//oldddd H&M jacket//thrifted dress//Doc Marten boots)

 Spring is only reluctantly, sorta-kinda here and I’m doing my best to dress for it when possible. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still chilly enough in Chicago for a coat, but a little sunshine and some color helps. Especially when you thrift some new spring pieces for only a DOLLAR. That’s right, I got this dress for a dollar at the thrift store and I’m kinda thrilled. It fits perfectly and purple is my favorite color. I try to stay away from clothes that clash with my hair, but some days you just gotta say screw it and follow your heart.

Also, tis the season for school projects to start cracking down. I’m feeling the pressure and already getting frustrated. Some projects are not going my way, and others I’m simply indecisive about. The biggest struggle with art school is that you have no time to think and make decisions. You have maybe a week to mull over and plan a project and there’s no turning back after that. It makes me afraid to be ambitious and get out of my comfort zone because when I mess something up…. I’m kind of screwed. So we’ll see what comes out of it.


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