(Bohindi necklace//Aerie top//old (Gap?) joggers//Steve Madden shoes)

This hair color makes me feel like a vibrant fruit or a flower. Honestly for a while, I didn’t really like the fully-saturated hue (I preferred when it faded and gave me a “rose gold” look) but it’s really growing on me. While it’s annoying that I feel like I can’t wear certain colors right now, I do enjoy coordinating it with my makeup and wardrobe. The past few days I’ve been getting comments like “your eyeshadow matches your hair perfectly?” and me: “oh wow really? what a coincidence, it wasn’t on purpose or anything!”. Cheeky. I may seem like I’m afraid to wear color but if I can commit to just one, I WILL GO ALL OUT.

Spring temperatures are starting to tease again, though who knows if they’re here to stay yet. I sure hope so, because I’m ready to stop being a vitamin-D-deficient vampire. Also ready for those spring ‘fits. It was super refreshing to walk around like this without the need for a jacket on top. Though now that I’m finishing up this post the next day… note to self: DO NOTTTT wear these shoes when you have a lot of walking to do! You are going to hardcore regret it the next day. Both of my feet feel like one big bruise/blister. Doc Martens, I will always come crawling back to you.


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