(Stella&Dot jewelry//old H&M jacket//old Francesca’s top//Blackmilk leggings//Mix No.6 booties)

SHINY PANTS, SHINY MERMAID PANTS. I’ve been a fan of Blackmilk for a while, but this is only my second pair of BM leggings. They’re a little on the pricey side and their stuff ships all the way from Australia, but there’s a reason they have such a big fan base. They’re very transparent and proud of the fact that they create everything locally with no sweatshop labor, search for the best materials, and set a high standard of quality overall. I also love the fact that many of the printed designs are created by artists, considering I’m an artist myself~

I hoped we were finally inching into spring, but Chicago doesn’t seem to be getting the memo. It’s still wintery-cold here and it’s been raining a lot lately. I guess I don’t mind a little necessary spring rain, but when it’s 35 degrees and raining… no thank you. I’d like to stay in today, please. I am ready for sunshine and free time and spring clothes! This was my last ditch effort to make a non-boring pants OOTD. Had to pull out the big guns. You’ve had your turn, black jeans, make way for foiled mermaid leggings. But spring had better come fast, because I don’t have many more tricks up my sleeve…


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