Glam Rock

(Modcloth jacket//American Eagle jeans//Steve Madden shoes)

Really feelin this leopard print jacket. Just gotta decide if I’m ready to join the Cheetah Girls, or a glam rock group. Something tells me thinking I’m too late to do either one of those. But it’s got me feeling retro-edgy, and I know it might be to the point of almost garish, but hey… it’s just fashion. Sometimes it’s fun to feel like a wild child (“sometimes”, says the girl with pink hair). I’m not even going to try and lie to anyone and say that I wore these shoes out today; there is SNOW on the ground, so you’d better believe I switched to boots. I may be a slave to fashion but I’m not unreasonable. Just wanted to switch it up a bit because I feel like winter outfits can start to look a little stale.

On another note, I was delighted to find this lighting when it was time to shoot – thank you daylight savings, surprise! I’m always delighted in general when the sun shines a little longer; being a student requires me to spend a lot of the day indoors, so it’s nice to get a chance to walk in the daylight. For someone who spends a lot of time in rooms without windows, let alone a literal darkroom, I need a little light in my life. I’m clearly not gettin a tan, but maybe just preserving my sanity.


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