Taken for Granite

(Stella&Dot necklace//Olive&Oak top//Urban outfitters cardigan//old H&M pants//Mix No.6 boots)

This look is brought to you by me just bein’ extra at an event I didn’t really need to dress up for. And because I wanted to match my lipstick to my hair. And because I got some satisfaction out of all my pinks/reds being the exact opposite of Saint Patrick’s Day green – a holiday that possibly had some cultural significance once but has been made kinda trashy by big cities. It’s a good weekend to hunker down and avoid the crowds (and the cold). However, I did venture out to see my school’s BFA senior show and enjoyed a couple hours being immersed in a variety of artworks. It’s been a stressful week of being holed up in the darkroom looking grubby, covered in chemicals, cold, and making very slow progress. Analog photography is magical, I won’t deny that, but the progress is slow. I definitely feel a little rejuvenated, though, after seeing some beautifully finished and installed works by fellow students. It might be unglamorous and failed prints in the trash right now, but eventually I’ll get to the shiny, beautiful finished product.


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