Lone Wolf

(Nishiibo earrings//LOFT scarf//Black Rivet jacket//Mix No.6 booties)

It’s COLD out there again, so you’d better believe I didn’t actually go outside just like this. I don’t need my mama here to tell me to wear a coat cause I KNOW. And I was still cold. Lattes and vegan chili were gratefully enjoyed on my excursion through Chiberia today. I called this look “lone wolf” first and foremost because of the gray faux fur scarf, but it’s also fitting with the way my day went. I’m trying to learn to enjoy my own company. For someone who’s an introvert that seems like it’d be an easy thing to do, but it’s actually quite difficult for me to spend time alone without feeling lonely, wishing someone else was there, etc. But I think it’s super important for everyone to know how to enjoy their own company, so I’m working on it.

Also do you ever whip out something you haven’t worn in a while and then you’re like DAAAAMN! What have I been doing with my life, neglecting this LOOK? That’s how I felt with my lipstick today. I don’t feel like these photos properly capture the color, but it’s Colourpop’s Frick n Frack. I haven’t worn it in months and I have no idea why. I think it looks great and it’ll still be wearable when I refresh my pink hair color. I think the reason I tend to go in and out of habit with lipsticks is that I’m a big fan of food and eating and lipstick just gets in the way. I have to be super careful not to mess up my lipstick and even avoid certain foods and I’m just not about that sacrifice most days. I think that’s some pretty relatable content right there.


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