Velvet Underground

(ooold H&M jacket//HUE leggings//Mix No.6 booties)

Trying to look cool and casual even though I have a curling iron burn on my neck cause I’m not-so-cool ‘n casual. Realizing my hair and lipstick make me look like a chocolate strawberry. REALIZING THINGS. Wondering if my blog photos are the only time I look cool and stylish and maybe I just turn into an awkward, messy version later. But hey! I wore white and didn’t spill anything on it all day so that’s a plus. The day wasn’t all smooth sailing, but that’s a good place to start.

Finally got some good space with good lighting to take these!! I just have to start shooting my blog outfits during times of day where the studio is empty. Or, if we’re looking back at this morning, at a time where it’s just me and the building mechanic/custodian guy who can probs see me but like oh well. We chillin’. He was too busy fixing a trashcan wheel or something to judge me while I vogued over in the corner. Just fulfilling my silly and honestly frivolous desire to share my outfits because hey, sometimes you need to do something frivolous. I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders allllllll day, so lemme work my velvet pants and pink hair on the internet once or twice a week, huh? Sometimes, believe it or not, it’s okay just to do things for fun.


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