(Nishiibo earrings//Aerie tie top//Raquel Allegra pants//Doc Martens)

If you’re anything like me, you try to put together a good outfit every day (okay most days…. sorry Sundays). But there’s something about those rare occasions in which an outfit just feels absolutely perfect, like it embodies all of your favorite silhouettes, details and colors. An outfit that makes you feel absolutely yourself. Now maybe I’m missing out on something and that’s how I should feel in everything I wear, in which case it’s a work in progress. I love an outfit that feels feminine and flattering with a casual edge. I like to feel punky and like a dancer simultaneously, if possible. I love silver jewelry, Doc Martens, my favorite color is purple. See where I’m going with this? This is one of those captures-me-perfect outfits.

I obviously love every piece on my body here, but a special shoutout goes to these pants. I first discovered them over the summer and immediately decided they were my dream pants… but they were not my dream price. Fast forward to January and it was my birthday week, and they were on sale. Treat yo self. Not only are they comfy and my favorite color, but in my eyes, Raquel Allegra is both a designer and an artist. As a fibers student, I can appreciate her handmade, unique techniques and jump at the opportunity to support other artists, and to own art. Unique, ethically-produced pieces are worth the price, and they make the wearer feel uniquely stylish, too. Striding to class feeling fab and hella comfortable? New favorite outfit.


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