(Dolls Kill dress//ASOS tights//Doc Martens)

I took a long long break from blogging and dyed my hair pink. I’d say I’m looking less princess pink and more rose-with-many-thorns-pink. I’m loving it already despite hesitation and I think it suits my hair much better than the purple. Anyway, I took a break from the blogging situation because there was just nowhere nice to take pictures and I got frustrated. And I’m still frustrated because there’s still nowhere to take pictures and it’s still COLD.  I don’t want to scrap it altogether, but I think it’s nearing time for a new approach.

Anyway, I have plenty of new outfits and pieces to feature, including this amazing dress. It’s so simple and comfortable (honestly just a long sweatshirt) but the neckline detail makes a big impact. I think the huge lace-up detail is super edgy and unique, and very me. This will definitely be an easy, go-to outfit… you know – when I’m not getting messy with dyes and photo chemicals. My fashion-life and my art student-life really clash with each other, but I’m not willing to compromise either one.


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  1. I need your tights!! 🙌🏻


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