Normally I get frustrated when my dog gets in the way of photoshoots, but this time I decided to roll with it because, why not?? He just wants to be fashion too. And get hair all over my black jeans. For real though, I don’t mind letting him be the star of my photos sometimes. In fact, sometimes I just want to quit the conceptual-art school-photographer shit and be a dog photographer. Don’t be shocked if that happened.

I’m not a huge trend follower, but I have to say I’m kind of into the velvet trend. I’ve actually had these velvet boots for years, but the kimono was a Christmas gift. I love the way it adds texture to the look, and feels super cozy for the winter despite the fact that it’s pretty impractical. In fact, it used to be a material worn by royalty only; I would know, I did a  whole twenty minute presentation of velvet. I took my class through the history, the making of velvet, and summed it up with how fast fashion has killed the artistry and preciousness of the material. Yup, I sure know how to make things way too real, real fast.


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  1. I would LOVE to hear that presentation. Is there anywhere we can watch it or listen?


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