(Stella&Dot choker//thrifted sweater dress//Doc Martens)

 For those of you who don’t know, Chiberia = Chicago + Siberia. And let me tell you, it’s hitting us in full force right now. We got somewhere between 7-12″ of snow over the weekend, and now the temperatures are dropping. About 21 degrees the day I wore this, but going down to zero degrees on Thursday. As if finals week couldn’t be any more of a struggle. So now you might be wondering… if it’s so damn cold why aren’t you wearing pants? Well.. that’s just my way. A slave to fashion. And hey, the dress is cashmere so it was actually quite warm, it just didn’t keep my legs warm. My legs actually went numb when I walked outside. But it’s fine.

On another note, did I mention it’s FINALS WEEK?! Yikes. Trying my hardest to scramble and get all my art projects and papers done. Thinking about everything I have to do to prepare for break. Just generally freaking out, ya know. I actually have TWO critiques tomorrow (I have a 6 hour photo class, then a 3 hour fibers class at night). So just my luck, I have to finish and present my two biggest projects in the same day. And carry them around in this freeeeeezing weather. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, seriously would consider taking a cab to class. Mark my words, being an art student isn’t all rainbow (hair) and sunshine!


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  1. 2 words: leggings and Uber


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