Plaid to the Bone

(Stella&Dot choker//H&M jacket//Crimson&Clover dress//Doc Martens)

Well…. it’s been a hot minute. Last time I posted was pre-election and off the bat I can say that’s one of the reasons it’s been a while. I felt pretty distraught for a while and it didn’t feel appropriate to be making posts about superficial things at the time. Also I’m just a busy busy art student but HEY HERE I AM! At least being busy means I’ll have some work to share on here soon! I’ve been working crazy-experimental lately and it’s been tough but fun. And now I’m finally on the home stretch before winter break and Christmas!

As much as I loved my purple hair, I was thrilled to have it (mostly) washed out so I could finally wear this dress. This dress is one of my favorite pieces because it feels so me and it fits perfectly. The plaid and raw hem (I chopped the hem cause I’m a shortie and I needed it altered) make it super punky but I still feel cute in the girly, flattering silhouette. Top the look off with some leather and ripped tights that my mom hates and voilà! Punky chic and fun. Ready to wreak a little havoc and blast Christmas metal. That’s how everyone gets pumped for the holidays, right?



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  1. I do hate the tights, but I love you and the overall look!


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