(Stella & Dot jewelry//Maison Scotch top//Gap pants//Mix No.6 shoes)

The title of this post is meant to describe the relaxed fit of the outfit, but I guess I’ve been a little slack too. It’s just been one of those weeks, so hard to get motivated and stay on top of things. I need time, but I can’t have it. Things keep moving, and I have to keep up. Once in a while I have this extreme sense of motivation that comes out of nowhere, and I’m waiting for one of those days to come around. I have some projects that I can’t stand the idea of half-assing, so I need inspiration to come my way!

I’m in the midst of working on a photography project that involves working with black, gray, and white and I feel like it’s bleeding into the rest of my life. Of course I’ve always been attracted to colorless outfits and darkness, but I feel like especially now I have the impulse to wear black and gray. And those fall colors aren’t appealing to me. But trust me, this is not the weirdest thing I’m doing for my art at all. All I’ll say is… there’s a nasty paint taste in my future, and I’m waiting on some banana peels to rot. Art school is a wild place.


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