(Free People necklace//H&M jacket//AE top and jeans//Mix No.6 boots)

The fall chill is finally in the air and as I expected… fall vibes? Great. Fall temperatures? Yikes. These temperatures might be great for most people, but my lizard body thinks it’s COLD. I’ve lived in the midwest most of my life and I like to claim that I’m strong for it, but nah… I get cold so so so easily. And yet here I am, wearing a sweater-like top with no sleeves or back? The open back is my favorite part of this top, I think it looks beautiful but maybe I missed my mark to wear it, because ironically I kept my jacket on all day. Gonna need a stream of hot coffees throughout the day to commit to this top next time.

Despite adjusting to the chill, I’m pumped for October to start. October is the month when I can get away with looking spooky a little more than usual, buy home decor (labeled as Halloween decor but let’s be real…), and Halloween vibes are just generally everywhere. I’ve even already ordered my Halloween costume. Also, I’ll have a small photo series done by next week to share, and I’m going to a concert on Sunday! The month is setting up to be fun, and I just hope it treats me well. I need it, so bring it on, October!


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