(Stella & Dot necklaces//Nordstrom Rack sweater//H&M dress//Doc Marten boots)

Despite the fact that I keep up to date on trends and seasons, I can’t say I always follow them. I’ll wear “spring clothes” in the fall and winter, I’ll wear burgundy nail polish in the spring and summer, I’ll wear stuff that’s an old trend or never was a trend in the first place. But with this outfit, I’m actually nodding at my fall trends report. Two of this season’s biggest (and most unexpected) colors are blush pink and gray – particularly a shade of gray called “sharkskin”. And that makes me love it even more because I LOVE SHARKS. So I’ll pretend this dress makes me look shark-y. At the very least, it’s comfy, has long sleeves for a little more warmth, and I somehow got it on sale for $5 when I was still shopping in fast fashion stores. This lil shark loves a good deal.

The other thing that excites me about this outfit is that it’s the first real day of ~sweater weather~. It’s still warm enough that I could skip wearing tights (love the look, hate the squeeze), but there was a brisk breeze in the air. IT’S FALL, Y’ALL. I’m not in love with cold temperatures or less hours of daylight (because my lizard body needs the heat of the sun to survive), but you all know I love everything Halloween, fall foods/drinks, and fall fashion. These are my more subtle fall colors, but get ready cause I’m gonna get burnt orange, burgundy, and gold AF.



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  1. I really love your outfit, I think it looks really stylish and perfect for fall. I especially love the sweater, it looks super comfy!

    //Timi from


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