Edgy Elegance

(Stella & Dot jewelry//OBEY tshirt//Brandy Melville skirt//Steve Madden shoes)

If you haven’t noticed already, I love love love mixing two styles that are essentially opposites. I usually begin with a piece that’s out of my comfort zone or isn’t quite my style, and combine it with things that make the look feel more “me”. I usually end up with something that’s both girly and punky/edgy (see Petal Punk and Pointe Punk). In this case, nothing I’m wearing is quite out of my comfort zone, but there’s definitely some contrast going on. The exposed collarbones and long skirt make for an elegant silhouette, but the leather accessories and OBEY tshirt add edge.

I also want to share a tip with you all that I’ve learned over time with styling myself. Do you ever have an item in your closet that you feel like only works in one specific outfit? For example, I’ve always felt like this skirt needs to be worn with a cropped black top, and I only have 2 different tops like that. I decided I wanted to challenge myself, so I tried it on with something I wouldn’t normally think would work. My tip to you is: put on that tricky item and just start trying it on with every other piece you own until something works. Chances are, you’re going to find some awesome and unexpected combo. And you’ll look so chic wearing something that looks great but challenges the obvious solution. Bonus: you’ll feel like your closet stretches way further because you have more outfit options with the same pieces. I can get away with making a questionable choice and looking a little wild because I go to art school so the risk doesn’t seem so high… but I still think everyone should take risks. Rebel against your basics, get crazy~


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