Fashion Week Musings – Spring 2017

Few things in this world get me more fired up than an amazing runway show. I have no idea what it is, but when I see a really amazing look, I get this jolt of energy inside me. Is this the way “normal” people feel about football and shit? Why am I losing my marbles over a few garments? I don’t know why fashion has always inspired me to such an extent, but I’m running with it and I wanted to share my NYFW feels. I’m not there of course, but I’ve been keeping up with it online. I pulled together a few of my favorite looks to share with you all what’s got me screaming internally (which I do a lot) (but in this case it’s in a good way).

(rows top to bottom: Coach, Alexander Wang, Ulla Johnson and Scotch & Soda, Marc Jacobs and Rodarte, Marchesa, Michael Costello, Alexander McQueen)

This season has an amazing variety of silhouettes, color palettes, and inspirations. I find myself most drawn to edgy as well as ethereal collections.

First off in my lineup is Coach. What’s odd here is that while Coach is incredibly well-known, it’s not a designer that I normally identify with. However, this collection is meant to “celebrate the individual” and it embodies punk style which I love. Like… get all that leather fringe on my body immediately. Please. And that shark sweater? Amazing, my dream sweater. Overall, punky leather + dark romantic florals and lace + hella fringe = am amazing collection in my eyes.

Next up is Alexander Wang. While his sporty-sleek aesthetic isn’t quite my thing, I really enjoyed some of the details of his Spring 2017 collection. In particular, I loved the wrapping that runs through the entire collection. Ribbons and ties that twist and wrap around the body have always been an oddly specific detail that intrigued me, so that caught my attention immediately. I’m also digging those sequins not because I’m a girly-girl, but because they make me think of mermaids.

Ulla Johnson and Scotch & Soda almost automatically on my radar because they’re both carried at the boutique I work in. That’s not to say I’m not a fan – I think Ulla Johnson’s designs are gorgeous and I actually own a few Maison Scotch pieces myself. The jacket in the second Ulla photo was the star of the show for me, I want that on my body now. I’d feel super regal and at the same time, I feel like it’d be warm as a blanket. In terms of the Scotch & Soda show, I loved their setup (like a fairy garden) and the eye detail was my favorite feature.

Marc Jacobs stirred up controversy online before his show was even over. He upset a lot of people with the choice to adorn white models with dreadlock extensions. Whether you believe his defense or not, he definitely stepped into some dangerous territory. Hair aside, I love the lush velvet and brocade of the look featured above. Rodarte was another designer that didn’t catch my attention with the entire collection, but I’m a big fan of this all-black look.

Next up is Marchesa and WOW. Holy shit. This collection is an ethereal dream. The goddess-like dresses feature amazing embellishments, metallics, flowing tulle, and beautiful hues. The colors were inspired by the sky, beginning at dawn and becoming richer and darker as the day goes on. The black floral-appliquéd dress is what I’d like to be buried in, or crowned queen in, or run through a castle in. It’s incredible.

If you’re wondering what the colors of my soul look like, Michael Costello hit the nail on the head. Vibrant reds and deep wine hues are my absolute favorite colors and so I’m pretty biased towards this one. I also love flowers, so the flowers adorning the models’ heads attracted me to this collection even more. I don’t think it’s a particularly groundbreaking collection, but I think the silhouettes are unique and elegant.

And last but never least is Alexander McQueen. In my eyes, McQueen is the ultimate fashion legend and forever my favorite. I think he was an absolute genius and since his death, the fashion house has carried on extremely well in emulating a similar vision. McQueen collections are often meant to trick the eye, and I must say I was definitely fooled this time. These flouncy pieces are not appliquéd fabric, but painted leather. That’s right, all these delicate, ruffly dresses are leather! Mind blown. And the color palette? Right up my alley of course. Not disappointed.

If anyone’s made it this far into the post, let me know what your favorites were from NYFW this year! If you haven’t really kept up, at least let me know which of my picks you like best. I love to talk fashion.



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