Pointe Punk

(Stella & Dot earrings and choker//AE bodysuit//Urban Outfitters skirt//Steve Madden shoes//Colourpop satin lip in Toolips)

I wanted to title this in the same vein as “Petal Punk” because I think there’s a similar kind of contrast going on. I was thinking more gothic-ballerina but I couldn’t come up with an alliteration. So I think “pointe punk” is as close as I’m going to get. I think hard about these kind of things, alright?!

Anyway, there was something else about this outfit that felt way more significant to me. It may seem strange to someone who isn’t me, or maybe I’ll be able to relate to someone. When I bought this bodysuit, it was kind of a body positivity test for myself. We’re often taught to dress to flatter our bodies. Not only to play up our assets, but fit into a particular standard body type. Minimize the waist, maximize the curves, make sure everything’s smooth, hide your flaws. I would’ve never picked a bodysuit like this in the past because it’s tight and you can’t wear a bra with it; it seems so honestNot only am I being honest about the smallness of my upper body, but I think it makes me appear even smaller than I actually am. But I thought.. I love the color, I love the details, I love the open back… and why should I have to be dishonest about the way I’m built because it sets me up for ridicule, because I’m not good enough this way? I’m not saying I’ve fully accepted myself. I didn’t walk around in this outfit feeling fully confident. In fact, I kept my jacket on almost all day, which only left a small portion of this actually visible. But it felt like a step in the right direction to me. In an age of the superhourglass-KimKardashion-impossiblycurvy body trend, I’m trying to hop on the bralette-bodysuit-whateverthehellkindabody-bodyposi train. If you can’t change the way you are, why should you have to go through life feeling miserable and inadequate? We’re just a bunch of hairless animals floating on a big rock in space and a few opinions don’t count for a single thing. So wear whateva you want~

Don’t feel challenged to fit a mold, challenge the world to accept you as you already are. (mic drop) (end rant)


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