In Transition

(Bohindi necklace//H&M jacket//F21 top//Young, Fabulous, and Broke skirt//Steve Madden shoes)

A lot of things are in transition right now. The colors of the skirt transition from black to blue to white, the seasons are in transition, I am still in transition back into school and city life and probably a lot of other things. I’m even still figuring out how to run this damn blog from the city. My original shooting spots didn’t work out because of course: too many people. I’m still transitioning into living among this many people. I might never adjust to that.

Anyway, here we’ve got another “summerfall” look because things are still a little weird outside. It’s still pretty hot out most of the time, but cool enough in the evenings to need a jacket (and in the air conditioning – story of my life). The 75 degree mark is probably my favorite because I have the flexibility to wear skirts and dresses but also my favorite jackets. No sweat, no shivers. This beautiful skirt is one of my favorites because I think it looks so elegant, but it’s super comfortable. So I look like I’m dressed up but I feel like there’s a soft blanket wrapped around my body. And plus – how perfect is that brand name? Young, Fabulous, and Broke. Literally me.

I think after today I’ll finally start rolling out the real fall looks. So prepare yourself for lots of burnt orange; it’s gonna get pumpkin spicy.

(p.s. go follow the new Instagram account I made just for this blog ~ @heavymetalfash)


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  1. I love that outfit!! That gradient fade dress is gorgeous 🌟🌟Love getting other bloggers likes and feedback on my posts 🌟🌟


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