(scrunchie from Peru//Etsy mala necklace//Stella&Dot rings//Urban Outfitters cardigan and dress//Mix No.6 booties)

This outfit is an example of what some may call “transitional” and what I call “I’m feelin them fall colors but it’s still hella hot outside ugh”. Last week was a bit of a teaser with cooler weather, but it’s been 80s-90s this week. I’m finally really getting into the spirit of fall, but we’re not there yet. I’ve got my burgundy and burnt orange clothes ready to go, I’ve already bought Halloween decorations (though let’s be real, those are staying up year round), I’m ready to wear my sweaters, and buy pumpkin-y foods. So for now, I’ve got to compromise with fall colors while still keeping my outfits airy and light.

This backdrop is one of the big studio spaces in my building. Since there isn’t much art this early in the year I know it isn’t the most exciting, but I think as the year goes on it’ll become more interesting. It’s also convenient, has excellent lighting, and is guaranteed to be empty early in the day. And when it comes to being in Chicago, that’s just about my best bet for an outfit shoot. I’ll definitely be mixing it up still, but when it really starts to get cold outside, the studio is going to be my best friend. I think it adds a unique and personal touch since I am also an art student, so I hope it doesn’t seem super lame-boring to everyone else!


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