I hoped that today I’d have an OOTD and/or a DIY post up, but sadly both of those fell through. I can’t find the DIY pictures anywhere and I may have deleted them on accident, and I just wasn’t happy with the outfit photos. And I’d rather post less often than post shit, so we’ll have to wait on the next one!

Anyway, I did want to share these photos I took today, unplanned. I had a few DIY clothing items that I still wasn’t quite happy with, and decided my last step ought to be to dye them black. But then I freaked out because the look of the black dye-water in the silver sink under the fluorescents looked so cool. I wish I had captured the dye as it was dispersing into the water, but I wasn’t quickly prepared enough to know it was worth capturing. Anyway, this is an unusual way of going about photography for me and I’m surprised at my satisfaction with the result. I tend to take pictures that are carefully thought and planned out – spontaneity and snapshots just aren’t my style. However, both moments like this as well as school assignments have been forcing me to work a different way, and I don’t have a problem with that. Simplicity can be beautiful, and sometimes planning can become to overdone. There can be interest and detail in a shot of a few pieces of denim floating in a sink full of dye. Also now that I’m back to being a student, I’ll soon be dying in more ways than one.


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