Silver Lining

(etsy necklace//secondhand top//Maison Scotch pants//Colourpop shadow in Drift)

I racked and racked my brain for a title for this look, that perhaps revolved around the style of the pants, or perhaps to the color pink, but I  just came up empty. Cranberry eyes, red agate necklace, pinky hued pants… and I called this look “silver lining”? Why? The title at least refers to one of my favorite small details of this look – and that’s the silver threads in the pants. Not only are they a somewhat unique silhouette in a sea of skinny jeans, with a pretty ornate pattern, but they also have metallic silvery threads running through them. I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them because… SHINY PANTS!! I actually held back for a long time despite my love for them. However, on my last day of work before leaving for the city, I was feeling a bit sentimental and like making a purchase before I took off, so I finally tried them on. So here I am, with a little bit of Thread with me in the city! (as if I don’t have other pieces from there but…. shhhh)

The rest of this look was entirely inspired by the pants. I coordinated with my agate necklace, reddish-pink eyeshadow, and pink mirrored sunglasses. I also wore delicate silver jewelry to go with the silver in the pants. Honestly I used to be totally opposed to wearing pink in any form. However, these days I’m more open to wearing any color as long as it’s the right shade. And these pants were just too beautiful to pass up, even if they are a little outside of my normal style! Shooting this look was also an opportunity to explore potential OOTD shooting spots in the city, and I think my location is going to allow for some really cool and interesting photos. So say hello to Chicago!


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