City Slicker

(Stella & Dot choker and earrings//H&M jacket//Free People top//Bullhead jeans//Steve Madden shoes)

Maybe it’s a little ironic that I titled this “city slicker” while I’m standing inside… but I swear I’m in the city!! It’s just going to take some planning and help to get to shoot my outfit posts outside, though I’m going to try to do that most often. I don’t think my dorm room is the worst backdrop, but I like how an outdoor backdrop can bring the look to life or even compliment the colors or vibe. At least while warm-ish weather remains, I’ll be going outside. The last few days have been pretty much the perfect temperature, staying in the range between 70 and 80 degrees. Warm enough not to need a real jacket, but cool enough not to sweat all over your clothes. And we can all start wearing fall pieces, score!

Not only do I hope to use Chicago as an interesting backdrop to my OOTD posts, but I want to do new kinds of posts that take advantage of city and student life. I might incorporate the styles and opinions of my fellow art students, I may bring in some student lifestyle stuff, and I might even get the opportunity to visit the Scout Showroom in Chicago through my employer. Also obviously I’ll be sharing my artwork throughout the semester since I’m a fine arts student. But for now: fall fashion! I don’t think anyone will complain about that.


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