Silver Stacks

(Stella & Dot necklaces//F21 top//Brandy Melville skirt)

As much as I like sunny days and breezy clothes, I’m looking forward to early autumn. I’ve recently done quite a bit of shopping before I return to school, and most of those pieces are fall clothes like jackets, jeans, and sweaters. I like the weight of cozy sweaters on my body and oh…. I like not to sweat every time I go outside. And the temperatures right now are still way to sweaty. Before you know it, I’ll be complaining that it’s too cold but for a lovely month or so, I know the perfect temperature is coming. And I’m looking forward to breaking out my new fall pieces to share on here!

Anyway, today I’m sporting my new Stella & Dot jewelry pieces and, as usual, pretty excited about them. I think this choker and lariat necklace look great in combination, and I can wear them on their own as well. And actually, this choker is a wrap bracelet that can either be wrapped twice around the wrist, or just once around the neck. I’m not a bracelet person at all, but I love the choker trend and I can see myself wearing this a lot. This delicate lariat necklace is probably going to be in my regular rotation, too. It’s super minimal and because its length is adjustable, I can pair it with almost any other necklace. And the more jewelry, the better – heavy metal.


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