Petal Punk

(Thread necklace//AE top//H&M pants//Steve Madden shoes)

When I spotted this top while I was out shopping, it immediately reminded me of a top that we carry at the boutique I work at that I love, but couldn’t dream of affording. Said top is by Raquel Allegra and if you haven’t heard of her, I highly recommend checking out her designs. A lot of work goes into the fabrics of her garments, whether it be a subtle tie dye (like this top) or panels of shredding. Anyway, I grabbed this Raquel-inspired top knowing it’d be a bit of a challenge staying true to my style in it. It’s very girly and I always insist that I don’t like to wear pink. I went ahead and did a somewhat bold pink eye with the look, and then covered my entire bottom half in leather. The leather is much more my style and though it’s a pretty big contrast with the feminine pink top, I think the outfit works together. I call this look “petal punk” because  it mixes delicate with edgy. This combination is the epitome of my style; femme-punk outfits are the ones I feel most myself in.


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  1. love this color combo! so sassy and feminine! those lace up shoes are perfect

    pls check out my outfit & share thoughts too? 🙂 thx


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