Querencia. I feel safe and calm here. The eye in the tornado of my soul. I feel still. Even with all the constant motion, the stimulation hitting my skin and ears and eyes I feel still. Despite the constant ripples and wind, the waves and the tide – stillness. More stillness than I could ever feel alone in this sealed, empty house. My house is the home of my body, the beach is the home of my soul. The crumbling sand grounds me, the salt water cleanses. No matter how my life moves forward, how things change, how they build and fall apart – this piece remains the same. And I can be the purest version of myself. I can be still.

These photos are from my recent trip to South Carolina, a place that’s very special to me. My photography from the trip was quite a bit more simple than what I usually do, but I wanted to capture its raw beauty. I felt like I was hitting the reset button on myself, and I stripped down my photo-taking as well. They’re not perfect, but they capture moments of time I’d love to live in over and over again if I could. Hope you enjoy~


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