Hope is the Thing with Feathers

(Stella&Dot earrings//Everly (secondhand) dress//Steve Madden shoes)

Excuse my hella veiny hands. And my poor knees which are probably abused from a combo of yoga and my job. I also look 2 feet tall but never mind that, I’m definitely feeling more confident today than I did on Monday with my last blog post. No reason in particular, feelings just come and go I suppose. Fortunately I’m about to go to the beach for a week which means two things: first, that the majority of the time I will be completely makeup-less and not care at all what I look like. Second, I always feel a little bit better when I have a bit more color in my skin. Being vampire-pale seems more my style, but I can’t help it. It’s refreshing not to look dead for a change, yaknow?

As I’ve progressed in working on this blog, I’ve begun finding it harder and harder to come up with titles. I couldn’t come up with anything clever for this one, but instead referenced an Emily Dickinson poem. “Hope” is the thing with feathers is one of her most famous and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you have read it before. It may be cheesy, and even cheesier that it got me thinking of the symbolism of feathers. Because honestly… it’s just a dress, girl. But you could say it’s a reminder of the way that I wish to have a featherlight spirit, to feel warm and calm and peaceful. If style is really a subconscious reflection of how we feel, then I guess I’ve been dressing less edgy and more boho out of desire to be happier and more free. Or maybe I just sound crazy, that’s not such a rare thing honestly.

Anyway, I look forward to changing it up a bit with my upcoming vacation. I have an OOTD planned for the one day of the week that everyone dresses up. I’ll also be doing some photography while I’m down there as I always do. I tend to do quite a bit of reading when I go on vacation and for sure want to share my thoughts on this summers’ choices, however I might wait till the end of the summer to do it all in one post! Does anyone have book recommendations? I’m always looking for more titles to check out!



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  1. Your photo qualities are amazing!!! Oh and your dress is truly gorgeous as well 👍🏽👍🏽


  2. Love that dress!! check out my blog too if you would like, Venuseudora


  3. Love the neckpiece! Where is it from?


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