My Girl

(Quay Australia sunglasses//Maison Scotch tank//H&M skirt//Mix No.6 booties)

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a nice (as in over $20) pair of sunglasses until now. I finally decided to treat myself modestly. They’re not quite the KREWE sunglasses we carry at work (though if you can afford them, they’re beautiful), they have some of the same features I’ve been admiring. This Quay style is called “my girl” and I decided the black tortoiseshell + pink lenses would suit my style best. I’m not quite feelin’ myself lately but a sassy pair of sunnies always makes me feel a little better.

Not gonna lie, some days fashion blogging makes me feel really good and others it really drags me down. If I’m struggling to put together a single decent outfit or am not happy with the way I look in the photos, it makes me feel pretty shitty. To make matters worse, I’ve realized I haven’t been completely true to my personal style lately… not really happy with my hair… etc. I know these are small problems but all together it can be a real drag. Nobody wants to feel bad about themselves. However at least as a start, I want to try and return to what I feel like is my real personal style, not the way I dress for work. Or maybe my style has changed without me thinking much of it, who knows. I’m pretty much just ranting at this point, but I think it’s an important conversation to have in the blogging community. So if you have any thoughts let me know!

On a more positive note, I’m hoping to have some new types of posts coming up other than just OOTDs. They’ve been tough to shoot anyways honestly because it’s been constantly 90-ish degrees out. Not cute. May or may not be looking forward to fall fashion.


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