Pins and Needles

(DIY choker, Urban outfitters top and skirt)

Embroidery seems to have become quite trendy recently, not only throughout the art community but the fashion community as well. I try not to be a trend-follower but I can definitely say I love embroidery right now. This top was store-bought, but I do intend on doing some of my own embroidery on clothing to make it feel more personal. The only thing that’s gotten in my way so far is making a decision on what to embroider, since it’s such a time consuming task. Thoughts?

Also, what could pair better with embroidery than tassels? Though I feel like this necklace goes with everything, I think it’s especially perfect with this top. Despite dressing a bit off-the-wall much of the time, I have a thing for cohesiveness. I want my silhouettes and details to be unique but no mismatching. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Also back on the topic of planning on a project that I’ve yet to actually do – I still have so many things I want to do before summer’s over! And that huge list doesn’t even involve social-related things. I finally got my room sorted out and looking the way I want. I crossed some other projects off of the list, but there’s still more! Embroidery and distressing on some of my clothes, art projects… and I don’t think I’m the only one who does this. We all have a million things we want to do over the summer but never find the time to accomplish them all. I’m at least glad that it’s not a case of laziness and I actually have been working toward some of these things. And you’ll know, because I’ll be blogging about them as I go! Some new and different things coming soon…



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  1. Love this outfit! You look stunning ! Please check out my latest blog when you get the chance! Xx


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