Midsummer Sun

(Stella & Dot necklace, F21 top, World Market kimono, H&M shorts)

Don’t let my serene facial expression fool you – it’s hot as hell out here and lately I’ve been feeling like I could just melt. However, I was obviously trying to play it cool for a sec so I could show off another ABH Modern Renaissance eye look, this time with orange-y shades. I loved this eye look, though I was stuck between seeing it as “sunset eyes” and “Cheetos eyes”. The latter isn’t quite as elegant, is it?

Also, despite the intense July sun, I still chose to wear all black because… fashion over comfort? Something like that? Not the smartest choice but that’s just how I roll. Throw my hair up off my neck, drink some iced coffee… I’ll survive. I recognize that I don’t make a lot of blog posts about my casual day outfits. The main reason for this is that honestly, I make very little effort on most of my non-work days when I don’t have plans. Not only is my face usually makeup-free, but you could hardly count what I’d be wearing as an “outfit”. However, sometimes I go out and about on my days off and today was one of those days, so I put in the extra effort (except with my hair, which is totally dirty – deal wit it). Aside from black being an impractical choice, I usually try and strike a balance between comfort and aesthetic with casual looks. The kimono and jewelry add flare to the outfit, but the elastic waist shorts kinda feel the same as my pajamas. And who doesn’t wanna walk around in pajamas all day, am I right? I’ve definitely been opting for comfy and flowy shorts this summer far more frequently than denim shorts. I’m a little sick of the too-high hems and wedgies that are inevitable with my denim shorts and I know I’m not alone in that. It’s one of the reasons that I don’t love summer fashion, on top of the inability to layer comfortably.

What’s your favorite season to dress for? And how do you make summer fashion work for you?


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