Love Letter

(Thread ring, American Rag top, Urban Outfitters skirt)

The name of this post, as well as this entire look, is inspired by the new ABH Modern Renaissance palette! I used the palette on my eyes for the first time today and I’m already in love with it. One of the shades is called “love letter”, hence the title, and it’s the pink shade that pops the most on this eye look. I actually initially paired it with a kimono top that had pink flowers on it because I thought it went PERFECTLY. However, the only thing I felt went with the kimono was the romper I featured in a recent post, so I decided to change outfits. However, you can get a peek of how that looked in my Instagram post (and click the image if you wanna follow meeee):


I’ve never much been a fan of pink, but I really love the way pinks and reds look as eyeshadows. The palette also features orange-y shades which I’m looking forward to trying, too. Over all, I couldn’t resist the berry tones and the Renaissance art-inspired color names. I’m an art student, so I was totally lured in to this! I’m considering making a post all about my thoughts on the palette, though I’m not sure it’s necessary since beauty bloggers and YouTube-ers all over the internet are talking about it.

Anyways, I guess I really ought to talk about something other than eyeshadows in this blog post? I recently made a video because I had thought it might be a good idea to do both videos and blog posts. However, despite a lot of work, I wasn’t happy enough with it to leave it public. I know that for people who really want to get noticed by the world for their makeup/fashion/diy/etc, YouTube is huge right now. However, doing what I like and am best at is just more important to me. If I don’t love making videos then I’m not going to force it. I’ve really loved taking photos of my outfits, as photography is really my thing, and I’ll probably mainly stick with this. So you can definitely expect to continue to see consistent blog posts like this (and lots of bad, frizzy hair… sorry, but it’s July and I won’t fight it). I definitely want to experiment with other topics and post styles, so we’ll see!

Hope everyone is doing well and as usual, I always love to hear your feedback!


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