(thrifted Bebe bodysuit, handmade skirt)

So this post is definitely very…. different. Like, what the hell am I wearing and where are my shoes? Well this isn’t meant to be a normal outfit post, but I also didn’t want to lump these in with the post I’m going to make about my entire experience taking fashion in college. I finally got around to shooting the piece I made on a person (rather than just on a dressform) and was so pleased with the result that I wanted to give this shoot its own post. The reason it took me so long to do this shoot was for a couple of reasons: the first one being that I made this on a size 6 dressform (and I am not a size 6, so I thought of maybe getting another model) and the other reason being that I envisioned it with a white/nude bodysuit but did not own one. Then, the other day while I was thrifting, I found this Bebe bodysuit for $2 and decided it’d work well for this. My goal for this photo shoot was not only to document my work, but also to make it feel high fashion. Some of you may think I just look silly, but I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Now, on to the skirt itself. I made this skirt for my fashion final at SAIC. My school doesn’t teach pattern-making so constructing a garment is meant to be focused around draping. Much of the work done in the department borders on wearable sculpture more than everyday fashion. So I kinda have a thing for braids and started my whole process just making a ton of braids from muslin (about 30-40 to be exact). We were all required to use muslin which isn’t the prettiest of fabrics, but I gave it some dimension by dyeing mine. I dyed it naturally by soaking it in coffee and tea. Not only did this process bring beautiful pigment to the fabric, but I kid you not my skirt smells so good. Think caramelly-coffee scent. Once everything was dyed and braided, I began the actual construction of the skirt. Though it may look simple to some, this was a very time consuming project and it was easy to get tangled up in all the braids or struggle to run them through the sewing machine. I also did some hand sewing to tack braids to each other to give it some shape so they didn’t all just hang down. The result was a very dense and heavy piece.

Looking at the finished product, I definitely felt that there were some things I would do differently if I were to begin all over again. However, nobody gets it perfect on their first try! Plus, the time restraints of college classes? Let’s be real. This project definitely pushed me way out of my comfort zone. I knew how to sew prior to this and even had experience with making/altering garments, but this was a whole other beast. I always felt frustrated with difficult process of making clothing, but this forced me to persevere. Though I am not joining the fashion department fully (I plan to take some classes here and there), this project definitely inspired ideas for my future art work.

What do you think? Should we call Vogue (HA)? Do you think I look straight up crazy? I’d love to hear any of those reactions.



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  1. blueberriesandbellbottoms July 9, 2016 — 6:49 pm

    Love this!


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