(H&M earrings, Stella&Dot necklace, thrifted Lucky Brand top, Brandy Melville skirt, Gap loafers)

There’s quite a bit about this outfit that’s uncharacteristic of me and it’s mainly the color palette. A whole outfit without a trace of black?! Unheard of. The girly vibe, the pale colors, and the style of shoe are all a change from my normal look. I almost said my style “comfort zone”, but I actually didn’t feel uncomfortable in this look. The inspiration actually came from my nail color. I feel like every time I paint my nails, the color inspires my outfit for the next day or two. The polish is a blushy shade, almost brown. I wanted to wear this top which I just thrifted yesterday and decided to pair it with a blush colored skirt and a blushy lip color. The result was a super light and breezy outfit for a very humid day, so it served me well.

I scored pretty well on my thrifting trip yesterday because on top of this beautiful Lucky Brand top (which was only $7), I found a beige Bebe bodysuit for $2. Why is this such a score you might wonder? (Cause honestly… that’s weird) Well I’ve spoken a bit about my experience taking fashion at my college and I’ve long wanted to photograph the skirt I made on a model. However, I envisioned the skirt being worn over a nude or white bodysuit. Though it’s not perfect, nor am I even the right model (the skirt was made on a size 6 dressform), I though this was the closest I was going to get to my vision. Soooo that will be my next post! I don’t know if anyone else looks forward to that but I’m excited to finally have that completed to share. I also have plans to film my first video for this blog which should be coming soon as well. I’m currently riding on a random streak of motivation that’s come my way and hopefully I can leach a lot out of it before it passes.



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  1. That earrings are something .. Such a statement! I am going to buy one pair now! 😍


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