(H&M hat, Thread necklace, secondhand kimono, H&M romper)

I’m going to be outright honest and say that yes, this is an outfit I wanted to share but I think my eyeliner looks kinda crappy and I’m sorry… DON’T LOOK!! And it’s because (as the title suggests) I was just off all morning. I don’t mean I was like zoned out or sad, I just couldn’t do anything right. I couldn’t get my eyeliner right and kept making it worse, could barely dress myself even though I set my outfit out last night, and I was late to work. My face was a little sloppy, my hair wasn’t cooperating, but I sure as hell hope my outfit looked cute, despite being a little snug.

I haven’t been shopping for clothes much lately after realizing I have tons of stuff I really like, and it just didn’t seem necessary. I used to be such a shopaholic but I’ve learned to shop less, and buy nicer things that’ll last longer (I’ve got really strong feelings about fast fashion these days). Anyway, I purchased a few sale items for myself yesterday because c’mon, sometimes retail therapy feels nice. This romper was among the few bits I bought. I don’t think I’ve owned a romper since I was in middle school and I feel like this is a very sophisticated version of the style. It’s very structured and thick, with boning through the bodice. Despite the fact that rompers are inherently kind of playful, I think this one is chic enough to be a great base for a summer work look. We’ll see if my interest persists, or if this was part of some weird temporary delusion I’m having… (kind of kidding). What do you think?



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  1. That is a really nice romper! I thought it was a dress at first because of the boning and structure and then it turned out to be a romper! You’re giving the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds with this look!


  2. I totally love your look!


  3. I love this outfit, it is just perfect! 🙂

    //Timi from


  4. This is outfit is so cute! Do you think you could check out my most recent blog post too? Thanks!


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